Artist Network

The Newham Visual Artists Network (NVAN), is a forum for visual artists of all levels, from beginner through to graduate and self-taught, who live or work in the borough of Newham. The format of the events is based on our consultation findings that were carried out in Jan-March 2012 inviting local artists to state their preferences and desires, but these are continually open to renewal. Although Rosetta Art Centre currently coordinates NVAN events, we would like NVAN members eventually to self-organise and run the network themselves.

“Quite inspirational”

“Great to see commitment to share art”

“I got to know new opportunities to get in touch with art”

“I found someone to help me design my website”

“Excellent, fantastic networking events and insight”


The NVAN story so far:
Consultation – 01/03/2012

Rosetta Art Centre hosted a community consultation to gage interest in a visual artists network for Newham. The consultation was a great success, with an energised atmosphere leading to participants speaking passionately about the issues of arts provisions and support in the borough. All attendees were extremely positive and eager to take part in the network and, most importantly, to be a part of forming what they see as something that will provide much needed opportunities in Newham.


NVAN 1.0 – 03/05/12

Hosted at Stratford Picturehouse, the official inaugural meeting of NVAN built on the enthusiasm and energy of the consultation to provide attendees with a range of information and opportunities. In attendance were ArtQuest, who gave a presentation on peer-to-peer networking, and Peter Dunn of Art.e of Change who facilitated a discussion about de-mystifying art. There was also a work sharing zone and a creative zone making African inspired masks.

NVAN 2.0 – 08/10/12

The second meeting was organised with support from Birkbeck University, and was hosted at Stratford Circus. Talks were given by the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Whitechapel Gallery on their community programmes, by HMRC on self-employment and independent art consultant Rachel Fleming-Mulford on public art commissioning and Birkbeck students on their experience of lifelong learning with the college.


NVAN 3.0 Sharing – 19/12/12

In a shift from the large scale events, this low-key, more informal meeting was designed for members to come together and share their creativity with their peers. Rosetta Art Centre provided to the host and the meeting saw a range of different art practices, from video to painting to textiles. More NVAN Sharing events will be coming up in the future.


NVAN 4.0 – 06/03/13

This meeting was supported by and held at the University of East London. It focused on artist talks around the common theme of biodiversity, technology and the arts from artists:
• Peter Dunn
• Theresa Smith
• Rob Rainbow
• Susan Stockwell
• Diversity Art Forum


The first NVAN consultation at Rathbone Art Studios: